Water features

20140403_124529A water feature, waterfall, water sculpture or fountain are names given to describe a water display or water show. There are hundreds variations from contemporary to natural, traditional to unique and many that are best described as other. When choosing a water feature there are many things you need to consider especially if your located in a desert climate. One is how to keep your water clean which affects many factors in maintaining a water feature. Exposed water such as a tiered fountain that has an open source of water where it recirculates require on going chemical care to prevent algae growth and routine cleaning from debris blow in. These elements can affect a pumps performance requiring additional maintenance (think of it as a mini swimming pool or a pet that needs constant care).


Choose a fountain that will be low maintenance and not require a chemical bath to keep it clean. Chlorine free water is better for birds and animals that use the fountain for water and will reduce much of the white residue that chlorine contains as fillers and stabilizers on and around the fountain. The less you need to do the more you will enjoy your new water show. Stone Cactus waterfalls use an under ground tank system to maintain healthy water without the need for chemicals. When the fountain is off the water returns to the protected tank where it stays clean and ready for the next water show.IMG_3405

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